Apprenticeship programs are ancient forms of passing sacred knowledge from one individual to another, of sharing information for the good of all life. The Apprentice is one who who chooses to dedicate his or her life path to understanding and developing their own personal power as a Medicine person. The Apprentice learns to live in oneness with all life and with the Creator. The Apprentice learns to heal and teach others the healing tools. Pranic energy is passed on through transmission. It is a knowing of power which is channeled holistically. Medicine Power is given by a Wise Woman or by a Medicine Person. Medicine and power must come through birth and rebirth of the inner self-physically, mentally and/or spiritually.  It is important to realize that we all choose the direction of our own Life Journey this is an opportunity to enhance your choice!  
This  Apprentice program with Linda Green will empower you with teaching skills and holistic healing tools. You have an opportunity to be introduced to various modalities of healing techniques. You will also develop and fine-tune healing life-skills you have previously discovered.  Now in these times of the Earth Changes it is most necessary to know the ways of the "wise ones" and to share this knowledge with all who are willing to listen.

The Holistic Apprentice Program is a personalized program including choices of such
classes in the following topics:

1. Intro to Polarity Therapy & Energy Medicine
2. Reiki I, II, & III and / or Maya Abdominal Self Care
3. Herbalism, Gardening, Flower essences  and Aromatherapy
4. Energetic and Physical  Anatomy
5. Energetic Nutrition
6. Developing you sense of Intuition
7. Frequency healing
8. Group dynamics and communication
9. Other holistic subjects

*   Apprentice Manual
*   Corresponding subject books, tapes, cd’s and other materials
*   Certification with Rosemary Gladstar’s program. Herb classes with Linda.
*    Some classes with other teachers and practitioners
*   Certification as a Holistic Apprentice upon completion of all courses.
*   Weekend or day that will include hiking, plant identification,  movement,
    possible sweat lodge, project presentations and spiritual attunement.

2015 Herbal Studies Course
August 2015 - August 2016

As an apprentice you will be learning from a diversified selection of
studies, situations and instructors. You will have the opportunity to
develop a personalized relationship with with your environment. You will
experience a sense of fulfillment as you constructively serve the Earth,
others and yourself in a positive holistic way.

Apprentice Applicant Questionnaire

~ask about the the Long Distance Apprentice Program

Herbal Apprentice Program 2015-2016
Omnigreen: Holistic Option & Green Passion Journeys Presented by Certified Herbalist Linda Green, BA, PTP

The Herbal Apprentice Program is a wonderful experience. It is an introduction into herbal studies for self, family and clients. Students will have hands on experience studying plants and making home remedies such as teas, tinctures, salves, lotions, blends and more. This year’s program will encompass other informative healing aspects to help you and your families in your daily lives.

Students will be introduced to herbs, aromatherapy and flower essences. When completed, participants will have an understanding of herbal knowledge, how to identify plants, grow and use them, their energetic qualities, and the system of the bodies related to herbal healing. The class covers the ethics and business of herbs.

Most classes are on Saturdays and begin at 9:30 am- 4:30 pm, Sunday classes 10:00 am. Thursday classes are in the evenings and there are a few long weekend classes, and a few optional classes. The course work is over 200 hrs and could be approved for CEU’s through your organization. There are about 15 classes usually held monthly.

The course begins Friday August 21, 2015 ending August 28, 2016

The Program cost: $1, 850.00 (paid in full)
$2,000.00 (if paid in monthly installments)

Lodging, travel and meals for the weekend classes are not included. A $500. 00 non-refundable deposit is required prior the first weekend class.

*A meeting will be arranged in the Port Clinton area prior to the first class.
$100.00 discount will be given for those registering for the class that night!

The course includes: a 10 part Science & Art of Herbalism manual, handouts, body care experiences, homework and class projects, green house visits, hands on experience, nature walks, occasional guest teachers, wild food cooking, plant identification and a 1 year membership to United Plant Savers. This program is a valuable experience in the education of herbs. One you will always remember.

This is a detailed folkloric program. Certification will be awarded upon completion of all homework through Rosemary Gladstar’s herbal course work and Omnigreen: Holistic Options Apprentice Program.

Linda Green has been working and playing with plants since her first memories.  Green has been formally educated by such herbalists and plant people as ; Barbara Bobo, Susun Weed, Dr. James Duke, Pam Montgomery, Jeanne Rose, Paul Straus, Cindy Parker, Doug Elliot, Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Rosemary Gladstar and Linda’s father. Green has studied herbs with indigenous peoples of Peru and in Central America and with Dr. James Cavender at Ohio University.

Linda Green has a BA in Natural Health Sciences, has many certifications in both Herbal Studies and Aromatherapy. She has been a practicing herbalist and teaching most of her life. She believes connecting with the plants is the true essence of connecting to oneself. Linda has done this her entire life. She shares this with you.

If you spark an interest in learning about plant wisdom this is the Herbal Course for you. Contact Linda for more information and to express an interest in this Herbal Studies program. linda(at)omnigreen(dot)com or 419-635-2337

Tentative schedule for 2015

Saturday classes begin at 9:30 am- 4:30 pm, Sunday classes 10:00 am. Thursday and long weekend classes. Leave Friday asap. Return late Sunday pm.

August meeting TBA prior to course beginning.

• Fri, Sat, Sun August 21, 22 & 23, 2015~ Intro to Course & manuals, Harvest, Winter Prep, (salves, syrup, teas), plant identification hike, energetic plant connection.
• ($25.00 lodging per night / pot luck meals) 2.5 day classes
• Tuesday September 1, 2015 ~ Lakeside - Optional Aromatherapy & Reflexology.
• Saturday September 26, 2015~ lesson TBA Mulberry Creek Herb Farm, Huron, OH
• Sunday October 18, 2015 ~ all day lesson
• Saturday November 21, 2015~all day lesson
• Thursday Dec. 3, 2015~ evening lesson
• January, February, March- Materia Medica Gardening Design, Ritual Work and winter products. On your own. Possible Skype Consultations.
• Saturday April, 2016 ~ all day lesson / subjects TBA
• Saturday May, 2016 ~ all day lesson / subjects TBA
• Saturday June, 2016 ~ all day lesson / subjects TBA
• Saturday July, 2016~ all day lesson / subjects TBA
• Fri / Sat / Sun August 26, 27 & 28, 2016 Southern, OH ~ Hiking, plant identification, products, wild food cooking, plant cleansing ritual & lessons.
($25.00 lodging per night / pot luck meals) 2.5 day classes

*A few optional classes will be available during the course year.

Tuesday September 1, 2015- Aromatherapy & Reflexology

for further information contact Linda Green linda(at)omnigreen(dot)com