Commemorating Life Celebrations are important rites of passages in our lives. Linda Green understands that these occasions are special as she assists you in selecting the ceremony you desire.  Each ceremony may be simplistic and traditional or personalized.  Ceremonies may be co-created or customized with her guidance. 

Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies:  
Linda has performed ceremonies near the Lake Erie Coast of Ohio, San Clemente and San Diego, CA . She has performed wedding and commitment ceremonies, on the banks of rivers or bays, beautiful beaches, private boats or pontoons, parks and at the Mon Ami Winery on Catawba. Traditional church settings, gardens, islands, or a location of your choice is always encouraged.
Prices vary depending on the location and the time involved. Contact Linda for details. Each ceremony is designed especially for each bride and groom. This is your special day!

Anniversary & Vow Renewals:
Commemorating anniversaries is a momentous occasion. Linda enjoys celebrating this day with the happy couple by performing a vow renewal ceremony or blessing. 
Baby Blessings:
A Blessing Way or Naming Ceremony is an intimate gathering which introduces your new loved one to friends and family. Celebrating the arrival of your child in a meaningful way gives them the gift of love and that of a bonding community. This blessing will last their entire life.   

Spiritual Healings:
As we journey through our lives there are times we need added support.  Spiritual Healings are a sacred experience that aids in healing oneself or a loved one of emotional, mental or physical
dis-eases.  Each ceremony is private or accompanied by a loved one and is personalized for the individuals.

House Blessings:
Our homes, our hearth are where we find comfort. Our homes are where we lay our heads at night and where our hearts find shelter.  House blessings purify and protect us from the outside world.  Cleansings and blessings may be performed on a new or existing space.  Linda uses Reiki and prayers to bless your home.  She occasionally smudges with copal or sage to cleanse your space of negativity. 
Rites of Passages:
Rites of passages begin with our birth and end with our death.  It is important to honor each rite of passage and our time during our Earth Walk.  Linda celebrates your life or that of a loved one into any age passage one may wish to honor. Ceremonies are individually planned and personalized according to your desire and life passage. 

Linda Green has been performing spiritual ceremonies in North, Central and South America since 1981.

Linda is an Interfaith Minister from Port Clinton, OH and is licensed through the state of Ohio.  She was ordained in 1996 by the Church of Radiant Lights.

Fees may vary depending upon locations, needs and choices of the couple or individuals.  Contact Linda for a quote.

Please inquire about Ceremonies in Southern California!

I'd be honored to be a part of your ceremony


"Our renewal ceremony that Linda performed WAS WONDERFUL! I truly felt that it was better than our original wedding. Each word she spoke to us in the ceremony were as if it were directed to us."    -Donna Bozman

"Linda Green was our wedding officiate on January 14th, 2012. We knew that she would help us to feel calm and comfortable during our ceremony and she was a huge help to us in organizing the wedding party during the rehearsal. She was kind and dependable for the biggest and most stressful event of our lives, and we are so thankful that she was willing to be there to support us on our day."    -Alex & Renee

for further information contact Linda Green linda(at)omnigreen(dot)com