For over forty years I have been on a life work journey which has led me to learn and utilize various modalities of natural healing. It is this information that I have been guided to share with others:


Studies in Yoga, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Group Dynamics, Flower Essences, Developing Intuition, Reiki, Polarity, Maya Abdominal Therapy and other Holistic Studies.


Eco-tours to Belize, Central America, Peru, South America, and other locations.


Commemorating Life Celebrations and important rites of passages in our lives.


Introduction to Herbal Studies, Yoga, Maya Abdominal Self Care, Energy Medicine and Polarity.


Variety of instructional yoga cd's with more neat stuff to come!

Linda Green's Biography

Linda Green has a BA in Natural Health Sciences from the Union Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio. Her studies include various modalities of natural healing such as: Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Energy Work (Reiki, Acupressure, and Polarity / Maya Abdominal Therapy, Yoga, Group Dynamics and Energetic Nutrition. She has been studying in this field for 50 years.

Teaching with a gentle approach, Linda is highly interested in sustainable and indigenous living principles and teaches classes in Northern Ohio and in various locations in the US, Central and South Americas. She believes she was guided into her life work.

Linda Green is the creator and facilitator of Green Passion Journeys, eco- educational international tours studying ethnobotany, cultural ecology and the spiritual aspects of the various cultures. She has guided the Green Passion Journeys since 1993.

Green became a Certified Sivananda yoga instructor in 1981. Green has taught for 37 years. She has created 2 instructional yoga CDs: The beginner’s, Yoga for You and Transpire for experienced practitioners. Transpire contains contains a series of standing / strengthening postures, spinal twists, brain balances and relaxation. Transpire contains a series of standing / strengthening postures, spinal twists, brain balances and relaxation. Her 3rd CD, Elemental, is a creative visualization / relaxation CD and is loved by all. All 3 CDs are easy to follow and can be listened to in segments.

Linda is a Polarity Therapy Practitioner, Maya Abdominal Therapist, and Reiki Master. She gives individual polarity sessions and private consultations in Port Clinton, Ohio area, Temperance, MI and in Lakewood, Ohio.

Linda is founder of the Omnigreen: Holistic Options Apprentice program. The Apprentice program was created in 1995 after she heard a calling telling her to create it. It is a program designed to guide others to their own life work by teaching beneficial modalities of natural healing and how to share this knowledge with others.
The Apprentice program is divided into sections such as: a 3 month intensive – to one year, Yoga Teachers Training (additional Certification through Yoga Alliance), Herbal Studies Program, Reiki I, II & III or Spiritual Self-Care and Maya Abdominal Self-Care.

Linda performs Celestial Ceremonies, commemorating Life celebrations and important rites of passages in our lives. These ceremonies include Wedding, Commitment, Anniversary and vow renewals, Baby Blessings, Spiritual Healings, House Blessings and Rites of Passages.


Apprentice Program special as seen on the Hallmark Channel


Light, sound, nature, meditation, the healing way.

If we could stop for a moment and hear our own Conception song, The tone that brought us here, through lust or love, on this our holy planet, All would be still, We could live in Peace.

Yet, instead we lose connection, all of our own Self power, For sake of the glitter or razzmatazz beyond. The outer glamour and greed that makes us sick and blinds our souls.

To help balance our Beings there are ways, I am told. And most I have known. I have breathed the scent of our Mother. I have heard her sounds trickling, as I sit in the warmth of the Father. I’ve heard to follow the music, the sound of our Spirit will make us strong.

When we sit in meditation we find the healing way, A way to Sanity and Joy. A pathless path to Peace, more valuable than all of the riches on our Planet.

Comfort oneself in this time of Global grief or the loss of days gone by… Find like-minded souls, remember the children, love4 generations of 7 years or more. Walk barefoot, breathe deeply, dance wildly or slow.

The trees, the hawks and the little birds, butterflies and bees, rocks and greens, Kittys, dogs and Elephants too. Flowers, and please love the weeds. Now is the time to gather your wits, a time for Cognitive reframing. 

Let us smile in the midst of this joke. Smile inside and light the path for others. Allow each day to be meaningful. Have Faith with all of our Hearts. As we attune to our true Collective Consciousness. 

Through breath, light, sweet sounds or deep drumming, through nature and meditation. Follow me, let us walk the healing way. 

Green Blessings.


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